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Frequently asked questions.

Q:How long is going to take to complete a job?
A:It depends on the scope of work. We can usually tell after we know what the work is, then we can usually tell with in a few hours of when we will be done.

Q: What if there is damage to personal property?
A: In 22 years of business the Bailey’s have not had and insurance claim for damaging personal property. However the equipment that we use on a daily basis is heavy and will leave tire tracks in the lawn and will break things if we don’t use extreme caution while moving in and out. The fact is most people that hire us realize this and we go to great lengths to cover this question so there are no surprises. If something unforeseen happens we will do are best to repair the damage.

Q: What if you move into a job and then realize you can’t perform the task?
A: In the last 22 years we have never not been able to complete a job. We are professional if we say that it can be done rest in the fact that the job will be done in a professional workmanship like manner.

Q: When do I have to pay you?
A: If Bailey’s has to purchase materials, the money for that material will be asked for up front. Depending on the size of the job Bailey’s Construction would like to be paid upon completion of work. If the job is going to last over a month or longer we will make draws from the owner or superintendent on work performed in that time frame…And those funds will be due on the 10th of the following month or on the date agreed by both parties.

Q: Who is responsible for permits?
A: On a job where Bailey’s is the general contractor we are responsible for permits. If Bailey’s is sub contractor to another contractor, then the general is responsible for permits. Except for specialty permits where you have to have extra bonding ie. street obstruction and the like.

Q:Who is responsible for doing locates if you have to dig?
A: Bailey’s Construction will call in the locates and get all the necessary permits.

Q:Are your rates reasonable?
A:Yes, our rates are very competitive.
Its important to educate the customer so that they know what to expect and it gives them the ability to compare us with other contractors.

Q: How will you leave the job site at the end of the day?
A: We will clean up any debris on the job site and all tools and job equipment will be put away for the night.

Q:How will the job site look when you are done?
A: The customer can choose what kind of finish they want, from a machine finish to totally re-landscaping so that you cant even tell we were there.

Q: Once the job has started are you going to stay on the job until it is done or are you going to be there one day and then leave for a few days and then come back?
A: Once we move into the job we stay until the job is complete,, if future work prohibits this we will stay on the job and show the next customer the same courtesy.
Hazard tree removal:
Q: What can I expect from Bailey’s when they re-move my tree?
A: Great care will be take to not damage the surrounding area of the tree. All debris will be cleaned up.

Q: What about the stump?
A: Depending upon the location of the stump, we can leave the stump as yard art or we can grind the stump or dig out the stump.
Q: What do you do with the excess dirt from the excavation?
A: Depending on the elevation of the structure being built, we can usually make the overburden balance out or we can stock pile the dirt for future use by the customer or it can be hauled away.

Q: If there is a hole overnight how do you secure it so no one will fall into it?
A: We can safe slope the hole and use t-posts and an orange safety fence around the job site.
Concrete removal:
Q: At the end of the day, if the job is not done, how will you leave the job site?
A: We stock pile as much as possible and leave it work wise for the next day, if necessary we can put an orange fence around the job.

Q: How will you leave the job site at the end of the day?
A: We will clean up any debris on the job site and all tools and job equipment will be put away for the night.

Crane work:
Q: What safety measures do you use if using a crane or other big equipment?
A: We follow all the safety regulations while operating the crane.

Q: What damage could be done by the equipment?
A: Cranes are inherently heavy, while working there are measures that can be taken to minimize damage caused by the equipment.